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Impurity Separator \ Heripoire


The Impurity separator is designed to remove plastics ,styrofoam and other lightweight contaminants as well as heavy debris ,directly from the waste paper pulper tub .The contaminants are removed from the tub before they pass through the holes of the extraction bedplate with constantly increasing amounts of plastic and other types of contaminants in waste paper furnish , the Impurity separator prevents contaminants build up in the pulper tub that results in loops of production ,wasted power, excessive downtime for cleanout an increased wear . The Impurity separator is a proven low-attrition means of maintaining  waste furnish pulpers .

The Heripoire secondary pulper is installted after the HIGH CONSISTENCY PULPER so that all pulp flows through it .The Heripoire secondary pulper operates as a screen where the contaminants and the fibers are separated with the help of of a flat foil propeller and a screen plate ,The process complements also the disintegration of the fiber bundles and flakes after  the main pulping process ,thus producing very good pulping results .Other benefits of a pulping station equipped with a secondary pulper are high contaminant separation and efficient ink detachment.

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