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Protector System


Two-stage high density cleaning system:

▲First cleaning stage comprising high density cleaners with continuous rejects removal

▲Intermediate sedimentation tank for the removal of coarseheavy rejects at consistencies up to 1.5%

▲Low density cleaner(s)with periodic rejects removal via junk as second stage cleaning

High efficiency operation:

▲Optimum wear protection for downstream machines and components through highly effective removal of sand ,glass fragments ,paper clips, staples etc.

▲Adjustable to production requirements using various accept pipe diameters inside the cleaners of the first cleaning stage

▲Rotor-free design for low maintenance

▲Completely ceramic-lined separation zone for optimum wear protection of second cleaning stage

▲High throughput minimizes pipework

▲Back flushing and periodic rejects dumping via junk traps for minimum fiber losses

Avoidance of plugging :

▲Rotor-free high density cleaner design counterflow principle (no disturbing piping in the separation zone)

▲Large inlet and outlet cros-sections

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