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Process Engineering

1.1.Regulations, technical specifications
For preparation of the engineering documents the following European regulations and technical specifications shall be used as far as they are relevant and applicable:
European regulations, such as e.g.:
Directive 98/37/EG (EU machine directive).
Directive 2006/95/EG (Low voltage directive).
Directive 97/23/EG (Directive regarding pressurised equipment).
Directive 2004/108/EG (EMV directive).

1.2.Process Basic-Engineering

Process Basic and Detail Engineering
The Process Basic and Detail-Engineering comprises drawings and data for the definition of the plant concept. In addition, it concerns the definition of consumption data and the design of the essential plant components.
After the kick off meeting RIB will carry out one revision and certify the documents.

P&I-diagram with general indication of:
-complete process equipment.
-tanks and tank capacities.
-manual valves with designation of type and nominal diameter.
-nominal widths (e.g. DN300) and medium code for pipes.
-plant specific numbering system for machines, tanks, pumps, agitators, motors and control equipment.
-pump deliveries and delivery heads.

Mass balance with
-design throughputs.
-bone dry stock quantities.

Layout- and load plan scale 1:100 showing in plan views and sections: arrangement of machines, tanks and pumps.
-building grids.
-main building dimensions.
-crane load data.
-loads exceeding general traffic loads (standard load 25 KN/m2) including dynamic allowances.
-arrangement and size of erection and maintenance openings.
-transport ways and routes

Dimension, foundation drawings and load data for single machines (machine connections included)

Equipment list
Motor list
Agitator list
valve list
Pump list containing the plant specific flows and delivery heads
Pump specification for critical pumps(if any)
Tank list
Tank data sheets

1.3.Advanced Process Basic-Engineering

Layout- and load plan scale 1:100 containing additional information such as: space reservation for cable routes.
-walkways stairs and platforms.
-main air ducts for hall ventilation.
-position of cranes and hoists.
-openings for ducts and piping larger 1000x1000mm. and secondary cross beams.
-sewer system with pit.
-civil dimensions for columns, primary.

Process Detail-Engineering (Foundation drawings, piping engineering with belonging lists etc.)

Material list  

1.4.Language and number of the document packages:
Language of project and documentation: English
Documentation during order processing: electronic (e-mail or data carrier)

1.5.Scope of delivery
Engineering limit is 1m outside the building wall except the belonging stock and water towers.


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