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How China's environmental protection machinery gained greater development?
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China's environmental protection industry originated in 1973, the first environmental conference, after the initial phase of the 1980s, 1990s, after the initial stages of development, and achieved rapid development in the "Eleventh Five-Year" and "Twelve Five" period. After 30 years of development, the environmental protection industry and energy industry has developed into one of the country seven strategic emerging industries.

Industry Status corporate performance solid growth

China's environmental protection industry after 30 years of development, has made considerable progress. 2012 in support of national policy and the dual role of market demand, environmental protection equipment manufacturing economy in good shape, maintain stable growth and profitability.

From the marketing point of view, 2012 to December 1, 1063 to enter the statistical standards of environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprises (including environmental protection equipment manufacturing and environmental monitoring instrumentation dedicated manufacturing) worth of industrial production and industrial sales output value of 191.379 billion respectively yuan and 187.947 billion yuan, the highest caliber of machinery industry statistics included 141 first 23 segments of the industry. Industrial output grew 19.46%, sales value increased by 19.58%. Sales rate of 98.21%, the highest in 45. 2012, out of the value of 6.209 billion yuan in the industry, compared with 11.11% in 2011 year on year decrease, ranked 120, which fell 16.56 percent of special equipment, instruments grew 14.41%, respectively, ranked No. 125 141 industry segments and No. 48.

Current national environmental protection industry practitioners about 35,000 units, with total industry revenue of nearly 1 trillion yuan.

The main achievement of industrial scale continuously improve the product system

"Eleventh Five-Year" period, China's environmental protection efforts continue to increase, emissions of major pollutants over the task is completed, the rapid development of pollution control facilities, and create a good market space for environmental equipment, environmental protection equipment industry has achieved remarkable results .

First, the industry gradually expand the scale. By the end of 2010, around the country engaged in environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprises 5000; total industrial output value of nearly 200 billion yuan, 3.5 times in 2005; the number of employees more than 50 million people.

Second, the formation of a relatively complete system of products categories. China already has a number of mature conventional environmental technology and equipment, environmental protection equipment product range to reach more than 10,000 kinds, forming a comprehensive utilization of equipment, including air pollution, water pollution control, solid waste management, noise and vibration control, resources, environment special instrumentation and monitoring of environmental pollution control and other supporting materials and pharmaceutical categories relatively complete system of products, basically meet the domestic market demand for conventional environmental protection equipment.

Third, a substantial increase scientific and technological innovation, industrialization progress. Equipment and technology a few years ago China's environmental pollution treatment basically abroad. Stage sets of a group with independent intellectual property rights and environmental protection technology and equipment has made a breakthrough. Among them, grate waste incineration power generation, sludge drying power generation, urban sewage treatment plant equipment and some other key common technologies has been achieved industrialization; industrial wastewater treatment and smoke and dust removal technology has reached the international advanced level and environmental pollution application fields; desulfurization technology and equipment to gradually occupy the dominant position in the domestic market desulfurization; electrostatic precipitator and baghouse technology level largest in the world, not only to meet domestic demand, but also exported to over 30 countries and regions.

Technological achievements have core intellectual property

Chinese environmental protection machinery industry association Jianhong Wang said China has developed a more efficient and rational, with environmentally friendly technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights. Which include water pollution control technology R & D results, denitrification, dust removal technology R & D results, solid waste treatment technology research and development results and resource utilization of nuclear technology R & D results into four categories.

One for water pollution control technology R & D results. Including sewage sludge stabilization process pyrolysis technology, organic carbon and nitrogen sulfur synchronization wastewater and desalination equipment. Among them, the sewage sludge stabilization process pyrolysis technology is applicable to municipal sewage treatment plant pollution. The sludge treatment method is compatible with more than 90% moisture content of the sludge into the branch 90% to 95%, the material was 50% in a semi-dry state, can be directly burned. Organic carbon and nitrogen waste sulfur synchronous technology is the use of biological technology for wastewater removal of carbon and nitrogen sulfur synchronization and recovery of elemental sulfur. This technique is used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and other heavy polluting industries to high concentrations of sulfur nitrogen-mail biological wastewater treatment. Successful development of desalination equipment to improve the flux and the fresh water ratio, improved desalination microfiltration, nanofiltration pretreatment performance.

Two for denitrification, dust removal technology R & D results. There are coal-fired boiler flue gas denitrification SCR technology, mobile plate electrostatic precipitator technology and volatile post adsorbed concentrated combination of oxidation catalytic purification technology three categories.

Coal-fired boiler flue gas denitrification SCR technology is applicable to coal-fired power boiler flue gas denitrification, flue gas outlet dust concentration was lower than the technical processing after 30mg / m3, dust removal efficiency of 99.8%, applied to large-capacity long-term stable operation the thermal power dust. Mailing adsorbed volatile concentrated combination of low catalytic oxidation purification technology operating costs, the exhaust gas purification rate of 95%.

Three for solid waste management technology R & D results. Including MSW pyrolysis processing equipment and hazardous waste pyrolysis and gasification of new multi-stage rotary kiln incineration technology into two categories. Hazardous waste pyrolysis and gasification of new multi-stage rotary kiln incineration technology for industrial, medical and solid hazardous waste incineration.

Four of resource utilization in nuclear technology research and development results. Including copper, heavy metal emissions and pollution electronic products (slag) recovery and purification outfit outfit pyrolysis gasification power consumption melt into two categories. Purification technology uses recycled outfit pollution, the agent can be recycled, using excellent technical parameters of the electronic waste, sewage sludge (residue) in all of the valuable metal leaching. For industrial waste utilization.

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