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Development potential sanitation machinery industry as a sunrise industry sea of blue
2014-12-17Have read1223

The rapid development of urbanization, resulting in a surge of municipal solid waste, the State Council issued the "Circular on Further Strengthening the views of municipal solid waste disposal work" provides that by 2015, the national life of urban garbage treatment rate reached 80%, municipalities, provincial capitals and municipalities garbage achieve full sound processing.

Our sweeper industry after decades of development, product from a single pure broom to the current variety of types, product performance and quality of products is rapidly increasing, especially after the reform and opening up, through the outsourcing of critical import to make sweeping vehicle performance and reliability are increased. However, the current level of road sweeping vehicles, compared with developed countries, there is still a gap, especially in terms of reliability of the product.

In order to improve the level of China as soon as sweeper, and narrow the gap with advanced countries sweeper level of sanitation department to meet the job requirements of road sweeper, sweeper manufacturer should choose an appropriate sweeper research. With the social development and progress, no longer satisfied with mere sense of cleaning vehicles, will demand more versatility, environmental, economic and other aspects, to meet the various needs of the market calls for cleaning vehicles.

It is in these circumstances, from China's construction of the construction machinery factory in Luoyang Luoyang Chi Windmill Co. jointly developed with independent intellectual property brand new multi-purpose all-suction sweeper has been officially put on the market. This new model can be a complete floor cleaning, street sweeping road side teeth, watering and other work on the floor of the road and road cleaning teeth cleaning, apply in a variety of climates and different dry pavement sweeping operations, better suited to the square, roads clean dust residential areas, car parks, docks, airports, railway stations, cement plants, power plants and other places.

According to the National Development and Reform Commission's plan, "Twelve Five" period, the annual growth rate of China's environmental protection industry will reach 15%, the annual growth rate is expected to waste equipment will reach 20% -30%, sanitation machinery known as the development potential of the sun industry, there is a vast market demand.

Market sales figures from the side also corroborated this view. After finishing reporter found that in May 20, Putian city government in conjunction with the signing of more than 50 million yuan sanitation machinery equipment procurement contract to design vehicles, more than 360 sets of equipment, including road sweeping vehicles, washing cars, washing sweeping truck, garbage cars, trucks and other equipment operation; the rural market, Hebei Chengde county government procurement centers for all administrative villages centralized purchasing garbage trucks 27 units, worth a total of 1.654 million yuan contract.

Not difficult to see in the new urbanization process, with the escalation of demands of urban management and environmental health issues, sanitation machinery or will become another piece of blue ocean development of special equipment industry.

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