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Environmental protection machinery to be optimistic about the recovery of the industry breakthroughs
2014-12-17Have read1279

Engineering machinery and accessories industry since the beginning of the year, we continue to issue "recovery", "warmer" and other signals, however, sales in the first quarter, the industry has been disappointed, the trend in the second quarter but still maintain grim. Signs of recovery in the industry seems to have been long awaited for naught in the second half could Jedi? Many industry insiders expect the sustenance in the field of environmental protection machinery.

As we all know, this year, a serious regional air pollution, more and more areas appear days of fog and haze. Cause air pollution, the main reason, "haze" Weather frequent lies a lot of coal, motor vehicles, industrial, dust and other pollutants emissions from these sources, and as a drink oil, exhaust large engineering machinery is hard to resign the blame. Because of this, environmental protection machinery has been put on the agenda, and formidable.

The mechanical engineering industry has been used as a large-scale production, construction machinery, and its contribution to society is indelible, but at the same time create social value, also had no small energy consumption and pollution. As society for energy conservation, green voice rising, environmental protection machinery will have a space of their own development and prospects, but also increasingly been the strong support of the policy. In addition, some green, environmentally friendly, low-energy machinery is logical to the market, has become the major construction machinery manufacturers and the entire society to launch heavy models.

In recent years, as the industry continues to highlight the economic performance, environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry is gradually strengthening policy-oriented, anti-risk ability to continuously improve. Some experts predict that energy saving tasks to complete in the next 5 to 10 years of construction machinery industry will become an important sector to promote energy conservation, and its market potential should not be underestimated. President of Construction Machinery Industry Association, Qi Jun also said that China is called "the world's largest construction site." Construction will lead the rapid development of construction machinery industry. With increasing emphasis on the environment for the next 5-10 years of construction machinery industry will become an important sector to promote energy conservation. Meanwhile, energy saving and environmental protection will also be the main trends in mechanical engineering in 2013 and beyond.

It would appear that the development of environmental protection machinery also conforms to the trend of development. However, engineering machinery and spare parts industry as an important area of equipment manufacturing industry in achieving its own economic development, but also need to improve the level of industry and information technology, and most importantly, to achieve more pollution to the high consumption of green, energy saving direction transformation.

Although the development of environmental protection machinery has become a necessity, the domestic market environment also provides a certain economic base and policy support. But the development of any one area is not achieved, the external environment is important, but its technology is the key. At present, China's construction machinery industry, the difficulty of energy saving is still large, the majority of enterprises subject to technical bottlenecks, it is difficult to achieve a major breakthrough, and this factor is the constraint if the field can go a long-term key to increase R & D efforts will be the focus of all enterprises. Therefore, environmental protection machinery, although promising, but can become a new breakthrough in the industry recovery, remains to be tested.

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